Wills, Kate and George
"He's got her looks, thankfully."

Her first effort barely left an imprint prompting her husband to tease her: ‘Come on, come on. Do it properly’ before showing her his. ‘Now that’s an imprint.’

As they made their second mark, William looked over to his wife and rolled his eyes. ‘Come on do it again a little harder,’ he joked.

The Duchess turned to her husband and said: “William, no pressure” as she took up her paintbrush. Then she said to him: “Do you know what you’re doing?” before explaining what a mandala is to the Duke.

Kate started drawing what looked like a red dart board but eventually evolved into a snail while William drew a small blue square.

“William’s painting with his favourite colour,” Kate said to one child.

The Duchess kept laughing and looking up at royal aides as she did her artwork.

At one point William turned around to look at his wife’s work and said: “What the hell’s that? It’s a half slug, half bullseye.”

Oh, these two…

- William teasing Kate when they were painting at Inner-City Arts, on the day 11 of the Royal Tour.

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