Wills, Kate and George
"He's got her looks, thankfully."

Cross off the ones you’ve done

  • 1. had sex
  • 2. bought condoms
  • 3. gotten pregnant
  • 4. failed a class
  • 5. kissed a boy
  • 6. kissed a girl
  • 7. used a little paper bag for lunch
  • 8. had a job
  • 9. missed the school bus
  • 11. left the house without your wallet/purse
  • 12. bullied someone on the internet
  • 13. sexted
  • 14. had sex in public
  • 15. played on a sports team
  • 16. smoked weed
  • 17. smoked cigarettes
  • 18. smoked a cigar
  • 19. drank alcohol
  • 20. watched “The Breakfast Club”
  • 21. been overweight
  • 22. been underweight
  • 23. had an eating disorder
  • 24. been to a wedding
  • 25. made fun of someone for being fat
  • 26. been on the computer for 5 hours straight
  • 27. watched tv for 5 hours straight
  • 28. been late for work
  • 29. been late for school
  • 30. kissed someone in the rain
  • 31. showered with someone else
  • 32. failed my drivers test
  • 33. ran a mile in less than 10 minutes
  • 34. been outside my home country
  • 35. been on a road trip longer than 5 hours
  • 36. gotten my heart broken
  • 37. had a credit card
  • 38. been to a professional sports game
  • 39. broken a bone
  • 40. been unhappy about your weight
  • 41. won a trophy
  • 42. cut myself
  • 43. had an STD
  • 44. got engaged
  • 45. been on a diet
  • 46. tried out to be on a tv show
  • 47. rode in a taxi
  • 48. been to prom
  • 49. played in a drinking game
  • 50. stayed up for 24 hours or more
  • 51. been to a concert
  • 52. had a three-some
  • 53. had a crush on someone of the same sex
  • 54. been in a car accident
  • 55. had braces
  • 56. learned another language
  • 57. killed a bug
  • 58. been at a yard sale
  • 59. been to a japanese steakhouse
  • 60. wore make up
  • 61. talked to someone via webcam
  • 62. lost my virginity before I was 16 
  • 63. had my wisdom teeth taken out
  • 65. snuck out of the house
  • 66. bought porn
  • 67. had a virus on my computer
  • 68. had oral sex
  • 69. dyed my hair
  • 71. graduated from college
  • 72. wore someone else’s clothes
  • 73. voted in a election
  • 74. rode in an ambulance
  • 75. rode in a helicopter
  • 76. caught the stove on fire
  • 77. got in a verbal fight
  • 78. been on vacation
  • 79. been in an airplane
  • 80. been on a boat
  • 81. had surgery.
  • 82. kissed someone before I was 14.
  • 83. beat a video game
  • 84. found something valuable on the ground
  • 85. made a survey
  • 86. stalked someone on facebook/myspace
  • 87. prank called someone
  • 88. been to a library outside of school
  • 89. spent over $100 shopping in one day
  • 90. cut your hair and hated it
  • 91. peed outside
  • 92. went fishing
  • 93. helped with charity
  • 94. taken a pregnancy test.
  • 95. been rejected by a crush
  • 96. been suspended from school
  • 97. broken a mirror
  • 98. faked sick from school
  • 99. owned a pet
  • 100. been to six flags

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The f..


My little brother is on the Internet (why do I let him) and he keeps going,”Sissy,guess what!” “What?”
“Princess Diana was SOO tall! She was 5’10!” I felt so proud of him! “Omg,yes,yes yes! She also had pretty big feet! That’s what I love about her.” *5 minutes later* “Dang,Prince Charles is as tall as Diana!” “Yes,she was taller in her heels so she had to slouch to make him seem taller.” He also went on to tell me how tall William is (6’3) and Harry (6’2) and telling me their weight. Good Lord what is he doing with his life?!

i am proud of you and your brother, yes i am!!! 

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It has been an Amazing year to the BRF.
First, this year, Her Majesty marked her Diamond Jubilee
Second, Great Britain hosted this year’s summer olympics.
Third, William and Catherine toured the far east on Her Majesty’s behalf
Fourth, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, finally announced that they are expecting a baby.
As the Countess of Wessex had say, it is a beautiful ending to an amazing year.

I am Geralda and I would like to personally apologize to all of you who i had unintentionally harmed but please know that i had no intention to do so.
I would also thank you all for your support and hardwork on updating everything!
Here are all the blogs i am following:
Royal Blogs:
non-royal blogs:
they’re all my babes, love them all.
I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May God bless all of us.
In the future:
  • Child: Mom what did you do when you were a teenager?
  • Me: I had a blog.
  • Child: About what?
  • Me:
  • Husband: Me
  • Child: What else did you do?
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Husband: Thats it.
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ask me anything and i’ll post everything! maybe even try answering with gifs!!
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i wish…..god please hear my prayerr!!!! or….like HER MAJESTY PLEASE GRANT MY WISH
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This will be me when I meet Catherine:

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  • Me: Diana and Charles had visit Indonesia right?
  • Mom: Yeah, grandmama met them
  • Me: NO SHIT?????????!!!!!! I NEED PICTURE. I didnt see it at the office
  • Mom: language. But yea, no shit. It's supposed to be there
  • Me: Fuck
  • Mom: Language
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How I feel when...: I want to share something very important, read this, please! Please!!


For those who think that Brazil is an amazing country, well… it isn’t. I’m very proud to be brazilian, but there are some things here that makes me really sad. And I wanted to share this. From the brazilian magazine ISTOÉ.

Each year, the Ministry of Health spends millions on campaigns to…

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Loook who joined my grandma for study!
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(Post by Varya)
“I’m so sick of the MiniMids whining about their idol having to curtsey to the blood princesses (esp those of York). This is nothing new - she’s an in-law, they are family. She’s in no position to demand deference - she’s a princess with a small P - she gets the deference when hubby moves up the chain. That’s how it works. Deal with it. To me, it’s about looks - if she looked like them and they looked like her, you wouldn’t hear a peep. Honestly, I’d rather look like I’m not about to faint than a sour-faced stick figure who smiles on cue.” - Submitted by Tabitha

Uh… every single Catherine fan that I’ve spoken to has ZERO problem with Kate curtsying to the York sisters. They’re blood for goodness sake! I believe it’s only appropriate! I’ve never heard anyone “whine” about it. And for the record, Catherine is not a princess. Once again, anons bashing for the sake of bashing.

Well, by marriage she is Princess William. But, I’ve never seen complaints either - maybe some confusion as why it’s all popped up in the press a year after the wedding when really it’s common sense.
Ah well, damned if she does, damned if she don’t and damned for all that’s inbetween.

It’s my understanding that Catherine will become a princess once Charles takes the throne. She is technically “Princess William” by marriage but I was speaking of her “Princess of Wales” title. Although, I am pretty sure she won’t use her “PoW” title out of respect for Diana, which is what I’ve heard Camilla has done (that’s why she’s known as the Duchess of Cornwall.) If I’m wrong in this fact, somebody please let me know. :)

Oh and btw, it’s DIFFERENCE not DEFERENCE